Always take care to follow the usage instructions below when using a Lineman’s Wedge power line utility tool.

  • The Lineman’s Wedge is intended for use as a spreading device for high voltage power line conductors known as T2 or V2.
  • The Lineman’s Wedge can also be used to spread duplex, triplex and quadplex secondary conductors.
  • Always insert the tip between the conductors before rotating the tool. Approaching the conductor while the tool is in motion will cause excessive wear of the tool.
  • Always wear your personal protective equipment required while using this tool.
  • Always follow your company safety rules while using this tool.
  • This tool may be used on or near high voltage lines.
  • Electrical hazards are extremely dangerous and can lead to severe injury.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings while using this tool.
  • The Lineman’s Wedge is not intended to be used as an insulated tool.
  • The Lineman’s Wedge can be installed by hand or by mechanical methods.
  • Use caution when using an impact wrench. The Lineman’s Wedge will spin through the conductors very rapidly.
  • Enough Said, LLC is not responsible for any misuse of this tool. It was designed for the sole purpose of separating conductors.

The Lineman’s Wedge is proudly made in the USA.